About us

about us

Victor Convent School is one of the most trusted name in quality education, which is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Victor Convent School Morena was the initiative of Bal Kalyan Samiti Morena. It was established in ____, which is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. In a very short span of time Victor Convent School has established itself as one of the best institutions in India. VCS has proliferated into a multidisciplinary institution, offering various facilities to impart varied expertise to keep pace with the world. The school offers courses that focus on holistic development of individuals by cultivating their unique talents.

Victor Convent School was started with the vision of providing a personalized educational experience where we want to mould the young minds of our children to be ready for a global playing field where development of emotional and interpersonal skills and the ability to reason and question are much more important than mere bookish knowledge We strongly believe in grooming well rounded children with equal emphasis on sports, extra-curricular activities and a team work based learning methodology.

Our academic system ensures acquired levels of learning and areas of desired additional inputs for enhancement of learning in scholastic areas, it also lays equal emphasis on proficiency of learners in the acquisition of essential life skills, attitudes and values, interests and achievement in outdoor co-curricular activities including sports and games. The school aims to develop mental, intellectual and aesthetic faculties of the child through a host of curricular and co-curricular activities, foster team spirit and environmental consciousness. It offers a friendly, stress-free and value based learning experience.

Our systems incorporate a blend of the best of international and traditional Indian educational practices to enable an environment where each child has the opportunity to discover himself / herself We believe in innovative, science-based practice models that achieve transformational change in young minds