Smart Class

VCS gives impetus to the instructional facility with the application of smart classes. This digital initiative has improved teachers effectiveness and proficiency. It connects abstract and difficult concepts to real life. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students and enabled multi sensory learning in classrooms.

Effectiveness of Technology aided Class rooms

  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Improves academic performance of students.
  • It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.
  • Day to day support and monitoring of usage.

Class Room

Commodious room with fans, electric lights, big windows, age appropriate & comfortable furniture, bulletin boards & Audio- Visual interactive smart boards form a typical classroom at the school.


The VCS library is a lively and flourishing hub of learning, reflection and potential moments. We have worked with our educators to carefully curate a wide selection of print as well as digital reading resources for our student and teacher community. Our aim is to create the pioneers and leaders of the future. We drive that process by creating young learners who are self-reliant, self-directed and think independently.

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.


The importance of sports goes beyond serving as mere extracurricular activities. Competitive physical activities keep students mentally fresh and physically fit. Sports do not get in the way of academics as is the commonly held belief! It, in turn, enhances the abilities of students to work in teams and solve problems collectively. Children learn to give their best in the face of winning or losing. Sports inculcate discipline and perseverance. Scenarios from the playing field can be used as metaphors for tackling challenges in other areas of life.


Music is a gift of god to mankind because it touches and refreshes every aspect in human life –mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No greater way than expressing our feeling and thought in song, used by different country states. It is a culture to many people. The music department has Indian, Classical and western music. It is our earn desire to see our students come up to the level of stage performance, participate in various competitions and to be a credit to our school and society.

Art & Craft

Our school has beautifully planned. Art room that inspires children to unleash their creativity and imaginationTechniques with pencil ,markers ,charcoals pastels, and acrylic water colors are demonstrated. Personal creativity is stressed. Art and painting activity provide children with an outlet for self-expression. Students gain confidence as they explore and develop their artistic activity.

Computer Lab

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing." - Douglas Engelbart

Computer Education is the nerve centre of educational complex. The school is well equipped with high – tech computer lab and computer education forms a regular feature of the time-table from class 1 onwards. The computer lab is open to all bonafied students of the school. Due emphasis is laid on encouraging the students to spend all available spare time in the high – tech computer lab in addition to the specific periods provided in the time-table.

Biology Lab

The biology lab is equipped with necessary glassware, stopwatch and equipments such as microscopes, magnifying lenses, sample slides of various tissues and organisms and a water bath for the study of living things. Models of digestive system, skeletal system and specimens of organisms are available for students to get a clear vision of anatomy of living things.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is equipped with all the necessary apparatus such as essential chemicals and glassware, weighing balance, Bunsen burner, crucibles and safe gas connections to carry out titrations, energy transfer reactions, analysis of salts etc. It is equipped with an exhaust fume to drive out harmful gases. Eye shower, fire extinguisher, lab coats, gloves and safety glasses are available in the lab for usage and to adopt safety procedures during experimentation. VCS also has state of the art virtual labs that help students dig deeper into the workings of science in an interactive and enriching way.

Yoga class

The Sanskrit word "Yoga" actually means union with your mind. Yoga and Meditation has proven time and again as a versatile tool in calming the mind and soul. A person’s spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual quotient is thus enhanced. Qualified instructors round off the learning experience and provide a holistic approach in the daily conducted yoga and meditation classes.

Student's Medical Chekup

In-house Health Checkup at VCS provided at timely assistance for any Health related concerns of the students and employees.